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Our Story

Bin There Dump That Peterborough is a bin rental company with a variety of different sizes easy to use dumpsters. We are one of the leading bin rental companies in North America. Bin There Dump That is a franchise network of dumpster rental companies across Canada and the United States. Our ability to communicate and learn from other locations has provided us with the knowledge and experience to be able to always provide not only the best bin rental service but also top level customer service as well. When you rent a bin from Bin There Dump That Peterborough we educate you about what can and cannot go into the dumpsters and we take extra measures to protect driveways from being damaged with each bin rental.

To learn more about our Peterborough bin rental service please feel free to contact us and we would love to answer any of your questions.

4 Yard Bin Rental

4 Yard Bin

9 Yard Bin Rental

9 Yard Bin

12 Yard Bin Rental

12 Yard Bin

14 Yard Bin Rental

14 Yard Bin

20 Yard Bin Rental

20 Yard Bin